Affordable Marquees is a family run business, established over 18 years ago.  Previously trading as D.J. Stone Marquees, Shaun and Andrea took over the business in 2009, changed the name and invested in all new equipment. All of our traditional pole tents have 100% cotton canvas and are beautifully dressed inside.  

Your event simply has to be special. Tell us what you want and we’ll do all we can to create the space for you to add your final touches to. We have a wide range of lighting and added extras to give an individually-tailored look for each event. We also have a number of different designed Marquees that will suit both contemporary and classic occasions. All of our external canvases are kept immaculately clean- some may say we are slightly OCD. We invest in new linings each season to insure that when you and your guests look to heavens your are met buy billows of soft folds and subtle lighting.

We pride ourselves on the finish of our marquees offering the complete service from dance floors to lighting. Just ask Shaun and with his many years in the business will be able to make your event happen the way you imagined it.


Affordable Marquees 


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Tel. 07932 141622